Tell your story

Wavenumber is a “full-stack” product design and communication organization. We combine content, industrial design, and engineering to tell product stories. Our clients benefit by having a trusted partner to both develop and communicate their product. We understand the importance of the "why" as well as the "how", aligning engineering development with sales and marketing strategies.

We value real, honest relationships and take our work seriously. Successful outcomes are achieved through application of our "full-stack" values.


Understand that you literally become what you think about. Bring to the world that which is not. Move toward how we want out things to be. Take action, collaborate and build teams. Iterate and refine. Be resilient and persevere.


Tell stories about the “why” and connect to a purpose. Freely give what we know and embrace a mindset of generosity. Actively listen and be ready take the role of student and teacher. Become comfortable with being vulnerable.


Be the best by helping others be their best. Cultivate empathy and express gratitude. Give more than you ever expect to receive. Lead through service to others. Enable and empower others.

When we are doing these three things, everyone wins.

Full-stack engagement

Imagine a team who bound by princples, not technical accumen. What makes us difference is mindset. We strive for the best outcomes using two core principles.


Freely give what you know and embrace a mindset of generosity. Eschew the scarcity mindset. Consider what you can add instead of what is available to take.


Take complete ownership of outcomes. Do what you say and make sure your word means something. Learn from failure and be ready to grow. Be accountable and do what is right even when no one is looking.


We engage with customers at all stages of the product design process. We feel that product design can be aligned to sales, marketing and communication to achieve maximum results. A typical scope of work can include:

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